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Cardinal Visits Immaculate Conception
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“Previous Company Event Menus" 

Savory and Sweet

Light Service after Reception Menu for 400 guests


Bite Size Savory Canapés

decoratively presented on china platters


Cucumber Canapés

Bite sized bread rounds topped with cucumber cream cheese

and a cucumber hat


Egg Salad Canapés

Bite sized bread rounds topped with egg salad and garnished with

cream cheese and chives


Ham Salad Canapés

Bite sized bread rounds topped with ham salad and garnished with

cream cheese and cornichons


Tarragon Chicken Salad Canapés

Bite sized squares of pineapple bread topped with chicken salad, tarragon,

and toasted almonds


Mini Pastries

Decoratively layerd on tiered glass trays and served from  6 long buffets

alongside beverages for quick access to all guests


Chocolate Mousse Tarts

Decadent bittersweet chocolate mousse in a sugar cookie shell topped with

whip cream and drizzled with dark chocolate


Fresh Strawberry Tarts

Sugar cookie shell with vanilla bean mousse, fresh strawberry, whip cream garnish,

and bittersweet chocolate drizzle


Lemon Bar Squares

Baked from scratch sweet and tart lemon bar squares


Mini Cheesecake Squares

Mini New York style cheesecake squares with graham cracker crust


Mini Cream Cheese Brownies

Mini fudge chip brownies with chocolate cream cheese frosting

and dark chocolate drizzle


Baked from Scratch in Our in House Bakery

Each topped with your logo custom printed on edible sugar paper

cut and served by Chef Paul Catering staff


Vanilla and Chocolate Cakes

with buttercream frosting

Fresh Cut Fruit

On bamboo platters at each buffet....


Sliced Fresh Fruit Platter

Sliced cantaloupe, pineapple, honeydew, and seasonal

berries on a decorated platter

If you think this menu, along with your menu suggestions might work for your event, please get in touch. We will do our best to accommodate all special requests!


Please give us a call or text us at 847-623-8750. If you prefer email us at Chef Paul Catering or use our Catering Request Form today.

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