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Chef Paul Catering & Bakery serves the suburbs of Milwaukee & Chicago scrumptious, affordable wedding cakes, specialty cakes, pastries & desserts for catered events since 1984.

No event is too large or too small for Chef Paul's in-house bakery. Whether planning an intimate dinner party, black-tie gala corporate gathering or wedding reception our team works closely with you to design delicious, customizable desserts.

Chef Paul Bakery Menu

Use the menu buttons below to review several of our in-house "Bakery Menus"

All New Bakery Selections


Giant Chocolate Chip Cookies

Giant chocolate chip cookie decorated with buttercream icing as desired 


Cup Cakes

Yummy cupcakes & mini cupcakes in any of our standard cake flavors

decorated with buttercream icing as desired 


Photo Cookies

Shortbread cookies frosted with our delicious buttercream frosting topped with your photo and/or message.

Great for birthdays, showers, client gifts (with company logo), & personalized place cards

Breads & Rolls

Brown Bread

Loaf of freshly baked brown bread

Butter Croissants

Cocktail Rolls

Traditional white cocktail rolls baked

from scratch in house


Cocktail Rolls-Presliced

Traditional white cocktail rolls baked from scratch

in house and pre-sliced for sandwiches

Cornbread Muffins

Super moist corn bread muffins


Crusty Rolls for Italian Beef

Crusty white rolls pre-sliced and perfect for

serving with Italian Beef

Focaccia Rolls

Focaccia rolls topped with garlic parmesan,

tomato herb, or black olive topping

French Bread

Crusty 10 inch French loaf.

Must be heated before serving

Garlic Rolls

Cheesy garlic rolls baked from scratch in house

Hawaiian Bread

Sweet & savory Hawaiian bread loaf

Italian Bread

Crusty Italian white bread loaves


Pineapple Bread

Loaf of Chef Paul's signature recipe of pineapple bread. Best served with chunky chicken salad

Rye Rolls

Baked in house traditional light rye rolls


Sundried Tomato Mozzarella

& Basil Rolls

Freshly baked white rolls with pieces of sun-dried tomato, mozzarella cheese, & basil baked inside

Wheat Cocktail Rolls

Traditional whole wheat cocktail rolls 

Muffins & Breakfast Pastries

Full Size Muffins

Full size fresh baked savory and/or sweet muffins

Variety of flavor choices


Mini Muffins

Mini fresh baked savory and/or sweet muffins

Variety of flavor choices


Orange Muffins

Mildly sweet orange muffins infused with

sundried black cherries



Freshly baked heart shaped scones

with dried cherries

Mini Sweet Rolls

Decadent fruit filled mini sweet rolls drizzled

with vanilla frosting


German Apple Strudel

Apple & cinnamon filling in a flaky, buttery,

pastry crust.  Serves 10-16


Cherry Cream Cheese Strudel

Cherry & vanilla cream cheese filling in a

flaky puff pastry crust

Dutch Apple Bars

Half sheet of flaky pie crust topped with cinnamon and sugar apples, streusel topping, & drizzled

with white chocolate

9 Inch Pie Flavors

Dutch Apple

Cherry Struesel

Blueberry Struesel

Pumpkin Spice


Chocolate Pecan

Chocolate Silk

Lemon Cream

Key Lime


Frozen Grasshopper

Frozen or Strawberry Margarita

With pretzel crust

Cheesecake Flavors



With fresh strawberries


With cherries

Chocolate Chip

Banana Chocolate Chip

Cherry Chocolate Chip

White Chocolate 






Lemon Chiffon


Key Lime

Layered Lemon Meringue

Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Vanilla

Carrot Cake

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough



Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip


Specialty Cake Flavors

Pina Colada Cake

A tropical combination of moist pineapple cake layered with rich cream cheese icing & covered

with shredded coconut


Chocolate Mousse Cake

Three layers of homemade chocolate cake filled & frosted with lots of creamy chocolate mousse. The cake is then garnished with whipped cream & covered white & dark chocolate dipped strawberries. It’s then drizzled with white & dark chocolate for the ultimate chocolate treat


White Chocolate Mousse Cake

This cake is similar to the Chocolate Mousse cake except it is filled & frosted with White Chocolate Mousse. It is also covered with chocolate dipped strawberries then drizzled with chocolate


German Chocolate Cake

An old fashioned favorite.  Our version is made from scratch with lots of nuts & coconut.  The cake is a three layer homemade chocolate cake filled with a fudgy buttercream & topped with a generous

layer of German chocolate topping


Black Forest Cake

Rich chocolate cake layered with cherries & frosted

real whipped cream & shaved chocolate


Flourless Chocolate Cake

with Raspberry Sauce

A decadent chocolate cake with a velvety texture.

Topped with chocolate ganache and served

with sweet raspberry sauce on the side


Tiramisu Layer Cake

Chocolate ladyfingers dipped in espresso & liquor layered between traditional tiramisu filling. Chocolate ladyfingers dress the sides of the cake & shaved chocolate is drizzled on top


Triple Chocolate Cake

Our chocolateest chocolate cake!  Rich chocolate cake layered & frosted with chocolate raspberry

buttercream then drizzled with

melted dark chocolate

Red Velvet Cake

Traditional red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting 


Rainbow Cake

Great fun for a child's birthday

A layer of vanilla flavored orange, green, & purple cake layered with buttercream in yellow & blue then

frosted in red. A rainbow in each slice


Grandma’s Cinnamon Bundt Cake

Our all time best seller

A delicious vanilla bundt cake with a stripe of cinnamon & brown sugar in the middle with

a nutty cinnamon top


Boston Cream Cake

Yellow cake layered with custard then topped

with chocolate glaze


Orange Toffee Almond Torte

6 layers of yellow cake filled & frosted with a wonderfully sweet toffee orange buttercream


Strawberry Whip Cream Cake

White cake filled with fresh strawberry filling, frosted with whipped cream frosting, & topped with whole

fresh strawberries


Basket of Flowers Cake

A cake in chocolate, yellow, or marble with your choice of filling.  This cake is beautifully decorated with buttercream chocolate or white in a basketweave design & filled to the brim with buttercream roses in your desired color.  It looks like a basket of flowers & is a great

centerpiece for your next shower or tea

Three Milk Cake

Pastel de Tres Leches

Vanilla cake soaked with a three milk mixture filled with fresh strawberries & frosted with real whipped cream frosting. Extra three milk mixture is included on

the side to pour over the cake when serving


Lady Ann’s Torte

Vanilla cake filled with custard & strawberries.  Frosted with whip cream frosting with lady fingers to decorate the sides & whip cream on top. This can be made with chocolate cake instead if desired

Mini Pastries

Banana Cream Tarts

Sugar cookie shell filled with custard, sliced bananas,

& garnished with whipped cream

Banana Macadamia Nut Tarts

Made from scratch sugar cookie shell filled with vanilla mousse then topped with sliced bananas, whipped cream, & toasted macadamia nuts

Blueberry Tarts

Sugar cookie shell filled with blueberry filling

topped with whipped cream

Cherry Tarts

Tart cherries in a sugar cookie shell

topped with whip cream

Chocolate Dipped Kiwi

Kiwi slices dipped in white chocolate

& drizzled with dark chocolate

Chocolate Dipped Oranges

Orange wedges dipped in dark chocolate

& drizzled with white chocolate

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Strawberries dipped in dark chocolate &

drizzled with white chocolate

Chocolate Mousse Tarts

Decadent bittersweet chocolate mousse in a

sugar cookie shell topped with whip cream

& drizzled with dark chocolate

Chocolate Petit Fours

Flourless chocolate cake squares coated

with chocolate ganache &

seasonally decorated

Coconut Cream Tarts

Coconut cream in a sugar cookie shell topped

with whip cream & toasted coconut

Dutch Apple Tarts

Baked apples & cinnamon in a sugar cookie shell topped with struesel topping & drizzled

with white chocolate

Fresh Strawberry Tarts

Sugar cookie shell with vanilla bean mousse, fresh strawberry, whip cream garnish, &

bittersweet chocolate drizzle

Key Lime Mousse Tarts

The perfect combination of sweet & tart

lime mousse in a sugar cookie shell

Kiwi Tarts

Sugar cookie shell filled with vanilla bean mousse

topped with fresh sliced kiwi &

drizzled white chocolate

Lemon Bar Squares

Baked from scratch, sweet & tart

lemon bar squares


Lemon Mousse Tarts

The perfect combination of sweet & tart lemon

mousse in a sugar cookie shell


Mandarin Orange Tarts

Sugar cookie shell with lemon mousse, sliced

mandarin oranges & whip cream garnish


Mini Cheesecake Squares

Mini New York style cheesecake squares

with graham cracker crust


Mini Cherry Cheesecakes

Petit New York style cheesecakes bites in a sugar

cookie crust garnished with a touch of

sour cream & a cherry


Mini Chocolate Eclairs

Made from scratch eclair shells filled with Bavarian

cream & topped with semisweet chocolate


Mini Cream Cheese Brownies

Mini fudge chip brownies with chocolate cream

cheese frosting & dark chocolate drizzle


Mini Cream Puff Swans

Mini puff shells filled with whip cream in the shape

of a swan dusted with powdered sugar


Mini Cream Puffs

Made from scratch pastry shells filled with whip

cream & topped with white chocolate


Mini Pumpkin Bar Bites

Bite size squares of our famous pumpkin cake

with cream cheese icing


Peanut Butter Tarts

Sugar cookie shell filled with peanut butter mousse,

topped with whip cream & chopped nuts


Pina Colada Cake Bites

Moist pineapple cake bites topped with

cream cheese icing &

shredded coconut


Raspberry Mousse Tarts

Mousse made with fresh raspberries in a sugar

cookie shell topped with whip cream

& toasted almonds


Tuxedo Style Dipped Strawberries

Dark chocolate dipped strawberries wearing a white chocolate shirt with dark chocolate

buttons & bow tie

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