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Chef Paul


Holiday Parties


Chef Paul Catering is your affordable, Holiday & Dinner Party caterer serving the suburbs between Chicago & Milwaukee with your holiday catering needs.

Easter, New Year’s Eve Parties, Christmas, Fourth of July, Passover, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah & St. Patrick's Day are some of those special times of the year when all of Lake County gets into party mode.  By choosing Chef Paul you will be able to treat your guests to the very best in holiday food & services.  Feel free to check out our Cocktail Party Menu.

Whether you need fancy upscale catering with intricate hors d’oeuvres for the annual Company shindig or a cost effective delicious chicken dish or butter basted Carolina tom turkey buffet at home.

We offer an amazing array of cost effective buffet food, upscale plated meals and just about everything in between. Our catering service provides all the food prep, service and clean up after your meal, if that’s what you want. Please check out our Drop Off Menu for in home services.

Catering Venues, rentals for tables, chairs, china and more can be arranged for your convenience. Complete beverage services are also available.

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